Roof Sheeting

Staalbeer is a manufacturer of IBR, Corrugated and Widespan roof sheeting in Galvanised or pre-painted Chromadek® finish. We are also a one stop supplier that supply all the required roofing accessories.

Roof Sheeting Supplier

What makes Staalbeer Roof Sheeting superior to cheaper products:

  • All our Roof Sheeting is manufactured from prime quality locally manufactured galvanised steel
  • Our Chromadek® carries a 10-year warranty from ArcelorMittal. (See attached application procedure)
  • All Roof Sheeting is supplied cut to the correct length for your structure up to a maximum length of 15.8m and is delivered directly to your site.
  • Our Roof Sheeting can be cranked, bullnosed or curved to customer’s specification.
  • Our Roof Sheeting will last the life span of the structure when correctly specified, installed and maintained
  • We minimise waste and avoid mistakes by measuring roofs on site before an order is placed.
  • Our technical team offer sound advice regarding roof design and selection of the correct product.
  • We also supply all the required roof accessories including flashings, fasteners and Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting

Roof Sheeting

Corrugated Roof Sheeting

Widespan Roof Sheeting

Bullnosing & Cranking

Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting

Flashings and Gutters