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Protect your assests with our range of cost-effective, durable, high security and transparent Palisade Fencing.. Staalbeer is a large scale manufacturer of palisade fencing panels, posts and gates which are supplied to fencing contractors, installers and DIY customers.

It offers both visual and physical security and is incredibly durable. Staalbeer stock complete palisade panels and loose components in a variety of spike designs including 3-spike, 7-spike, Large Flower and Devil’s Fork in heights of 0.30 to 2.4m

Why choose Staalbeer Palisade Fencing?

Physical and Visual Security

Palisade fencing offers great physical and visual deterrence and is South Africa’s most popular security fencing solution.

Strong and Durable

Staalbeer only uses prime quality 2.0mm steel in the manufacturing process therefore our Palisade Fencing is a strong and durable steel fencing solution. Cutting or bending it requires power tools in most cases and a considerable amount of effort.

Difficult to Climb

Palisade fencing is difficult to climb due the sharp spikes on top. When Palisade Fencing and Electric Fencing is combined it provides even more security.

Custom Options

Staalbeer manufactures Palisade Fencing Panels from 0.6m to 2.4m high.. Non-standard panels manufactured with up to 3mm thick Palings and 5.0mm thick cross carriers can be supplied uncoated or Hot dipped Galvanised after manufacture.

Custom-manufactured Gates

Swing, Sliding and Pedestrian gates can be custom-manufactured complete with the track to the customer’s specification.

Palisade Posts

Standard Palisade Posts of 2,4m x 76x76x1.6 are available ex stock. Other sizes can be manufactured to customer specifications.

Affordable Security

Palisade fencing is manufactured in large volumes using welding robots, allowing us to provide you with the most competitive pricing available.

Please contact our sales department for sound advice and a competitive quote!

How many palisade panels is necessary to close up my property?

The standard width of a palisade panel is 3m. The height is determined by the customer’s requirements.  A standard 76x76x1.6mm square tubing is used as a post between panels.

The customer needs to decide on the size and quantity of motor vehicle/pedestrian gates. The actual distance that has to be closed must then be accurately measured.

Then the size of all gates must be subtracted from total distance. The remaining distance must then be divided by 3.076m (3m standard panel width plus size of the post). This sum must be rounded up to provide the amount of panels required.

For example, the total distance that needs to be closed is 68m.  Take the 68m-3m (gate) minus the 1m pedestrian gate = 64m.  Divide this total by 3.076m = 20,8 panels.  The total requirement will be:

  • 21x3m panels,
  • 25 posts,
  • 1x 3m sliding gate with rail and
  • 1 x 1m swing pedestrian gate.


Available HeightsNr of Pickets / PanelPanel ApertureCross Carrier
3 Spike Palisade0.30 – 3.0m high18110 mm40x40x2
3 Spike Palisade0.30 – 3.0m high17119 mm40x40x2
7 Spike Palisade0.60 – 3.0m high18110 mm40x40x2
7 Spike Palisade0.60 – 3.0m high17119 mm40x40x2
Large Flower Palisade0.30 – 3.0m high17115 mm40x40x2
Devils Fork Palisade0.30 – 3.0m high17133 mm30x30x2


Frame sizeAvailable Heights
Pedestrian Gates50x25x1.601.5 – 2.4m high
Sliding gates <4.5m76x38x1.601.5 – 2.4m high
Sliding gates >4.5m – 6.0m100x50x21.5 – 2.4m high

Larger gates are available on enquiry



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Staalbeer uses an inhouse delivery fleet consisting of 48 trucks in various load formats to deliver your poduct directly to site. Get a Quote

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