Light Steel Trusses

Whether you’ re a builder or the property owner, Staalbeer can design, manufacture and deliver any shape or size lightweight steel roof trusses, floor joists & awnings for both sheeting or tile applications for single or large residential projects, low cost housing projects and commercial applications.

The Staalbeer Truss can be used on any masonry or steel structure and have the following characteristics:

  • Are custom designed for each structure using specialised engineering software;
  • A roll formedĀ U-shaped Truss profile is used for chords and webs to create a strong & durable yet lightweight truss;
  • Manufactured from tested and certified 0.80mm thick S550GD steel with guaranteed structural properties
  • Designs conform to SANS 517 design principles & NHBRC specifications,
  • Galvanised Z200 coated steel is used for the truss members for a 100% termite proof and maintenance free solution.
  • Trusses and battens are non-combustible.
  • Truss cords and webs can form an unique triple overlap (3 times material thickness) at load points for extra strength
  • Trusses are factory assembled using a 12mm hollow core rivet that is crimped in place to ensure structural integrity and dimensional accuracy of the truss.
  • Trusses can be joined to form a double or triple ply configuration for extra-long spans
  • Suitable for over purlin or ceiling insulation
  • No new skills is required to install light steel trusses compared to timber trusses
  • A full range of galvanised truss brackets is available for secure installation of the truss
  • Professional structural engineer certification is available on completion of the project.
  • Truss layouts can be exported to DXF format for integration with customer’s CAD software

Trusses can be designed and manufactured in the any of the following shapes:

  • Howe Trusses
  • Parallel cord trusses. (Girder truss)
  • Dual pitched roof trusses.
  • Scissor trusses.
  • Cantilevered trusses etc.

Staalbeer also manufacture a high strength Roof and/or Ceiling batten:

  • Manufactured from 0.50 and 0.58 mm 550MPA Z200 Galvanised steel
  • Battens can be cut to your required length.
  • Battens have folded lips for extra strength and to protect against cutting of hands during erection on site.
  • Textured web for easy location of TEK screws during fixing of the roof.
  • Battens has a guiding line on the lips to locate a TEK screw.

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